Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – A Waste of Money?

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The All Music Guide considers this record to be a waste of money on CD because it was a slapped together effort to capitalize on CSN’s success, combining material from only two albums and then adding two unreleased tracks. Their attitude is that the first two records are essential, so why buy this album for two songs?

I’ll tell you why. Because finding good sounding pressings of either of the first two albums is practically impossible. I mean that literally: as a practical matter, it is nearly impossible to find Hot Stamper versions of the first two albums, especially Deja Vu.

The first album on Classic heavy vinyl is quite good, excellent in fact. I give it an A to A minus, or B plus, depending on which track you play [The grade now is B as I recall. Hard to give any Classic Record a higher grade than that.] 

It’s as sweet and tonally correct as any Classic Record ever made. You can do better but the vast majority of the time you are going to do a lot worse. Classic also did Deja Vu, but the less said about that one the better.

However, if you made the mistake of buying the Classic Records version, a Hot Stamper version of this record will show you what you are missing on tracks like Deja Vu, Helpless and Woodstock. The difference should be night and day.


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