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A distinguished member of the Better Records Jazz Hall of Fame

This is a Superb Basie Big Band title in every way — musically, sonically, you name it, this album has got it going on! With 18 pieces in the studio, “I Told You So” can be a real powerhouse — if you have the right copy, and this side one, with SUPER HOT Stamper sound, shows you just how lively, fun and dynamic this music can sound.

This is the way it must have sounded in 1976, in the New York studios where it was recorded, with legendary RCA engineer BOB SIMPSON behind the board.

Side one here was close to the best sound we heard in our shootout. If it’s not a Demo Disc it’ll do until one shows up.

I never noticed until recently that the album cover photo for Farmer’s Market Barbecue and this album are exactly the same. Wow, Pablo, that takes balls.

Side One

A++, with bigger brass, more transparency and more presence than any other side one we played! We heard a side two that sounded even better, so we are keeping the grade down to Super Hot. This may become one of your favorite big band albums to demo or test with. Or you can just enjoy the hell out of it if you prefer. So transparent and tonally correct, this is a killer sounding side. We put this one right up there with the best of the Pablo titles.

Side Two

A+ to A++, lively and jumpin’ by track two, with some slight smear and brass that’s not quite as full as it is on side one.

Heavy Vinyl

Acoustic Sounds did three or four Basie Pablo titles such as this on 45. We have yet to hear a single Heavy Vinyl 45 that sounds any good to us. We guarantee that none of them can hold a candle to one of our Hot Stampers or your money back. If you have one of the new pressings and don’t know what’s wrong with it, try this copy. It will show you just how good a real record can sound, with more space, more transparency, more energy, more presence, more drive, more ambience — more of everything that’s good about analog vinyl!

Overall Sonic Grade:

Side One – A++ 
Side Two – A+ to A++

Vinyl Grade:

1) mostly Mint Minus 
2) Mint Minus Minus with PROBLEMS: 8 pops at the start, and track three has marks that play throughout the song

Cover Grade: 7+ out of 10, wear on the seams


Side One

Tree Frog 
Blues for Alfy
Something to Live For
Plain Brown Wrapper

Side Two

Too Close for Comfort
Told You So 
The Git

AMG Review

This is one of Count Basie’s best big-band studio recordings for Norman Granz during his Pablo years. The arrangements by Bill Holman are both challenging and swinging, containing enough surprises to make this session a real standout.