Brahms / Piano Concerto No. 2 / Bachauer

This original Maroon Label Mercury pressing has big and rich Super Hot Stamper sound on side two, with a a side one that’s very nearly as good.

In fact the piano itself on side one earned a grade of A++ for its amazingly present and real sound. It’s the orchestra that’s the problem, but that happens quite often with Mercury concerto records in our experience. We’re just happy that side two sounds so good and that side one is clearly a big step up from the average copy.

Side Two

A++, with the orchestra sounding better than it did on side one. Big and rich sound for Mercury? We’ll take it!

Side One

A+ to A++. The piano is close-miked, which makes it present and solid. It’s also very dynamic.

The orchestra, however, is too small and the strings can get shrill at their loudest.