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MASTER TAPE SOUND ON SIDE ONE! We feel Beatles For Sale is a criminally underappreciated album, and a killer copy like this will show you exactly why. The startling presence and immediacy allow the emotional qualities of these lovely songs to really come through. The clarity of the vocals is going to blow you away. No matter what copy you’ve been listening to, I’m completely confident that this one will slaughter it. We play a ton of these every year, but there’s a good reason you don’t see too many of them hit the site — most of them bore us to tears.

Side one is OUT OF THIS WORLD — warm, sweet and delicate with shocking vocal clarity. You won’t believe the transparency on this copy — you can easily pick out the vocal harmonies and follow the individual voices. In our shootout, we found copies with amazing presence that lacked some sweetness, and vice versa. This copy has the best of both worlds! Drop the needle on I’ll Follow The Sun and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

There’s MIDRANGE MAGIC here that you just don’t find on the typical pressing of this album — just listen to the all the ambience around the full-bodied sound of the electric guitar. The acoustic guitars are PERFECTION. The overall sound is spacious, lively, and energetic, and we rate side one an A+++, As Good As It Gets.

Side two is wonderful, but not quite in the same league as the first side. The sound is open and transparent with all the tubey magic needed to give you smooth, sweet vocals. It’s also clean, clear, and relaxed — exactly the kind of sound you want for these lovely early Beatles songs.

Hey, Sir George: We Respectfully Disagree!

We had a lot of fun reading The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions, which details the band’s studio history from 1962 – 1970. In the book, George Martin mentions that he felt this album was a rush job and that he has trouble listening to it to this day. As much respect as we have for Sir George, we couldn’t disagree more. This album is WONDERFUL! The more we played this album, the more we enjoyed it. Repeated listenings only enhanced our enjoyment, and a good copy like this let us hear things in the music that we hadn’t heard before. This isn’t the kind of record that beats you over the head with mega pop hits sure to enthrall screaming teens. With wonderful songs like I’ll Follow The Sun, Eight Days A Week, I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party and What You’re Doing, this album gives you a glimpse at the more heartfelt side of the band. It’s an extremely sweet, delicate album and a superb copy like this lets you fully appreciate that.

A Wonderfully Fun Album

Of all the Beatle records that we play around here, this, along with Abbey Road and perhaps Please Please Me, was one of the most enjoyable shootouts because the music is so good and hasn’t been beaten to death with overplaying. You might even call it the undiscovered album. Everyone knows The White Album and Sgt. Pepper’s like the back of their hands, but what about Beatles For Sale? If more people had Hot Stamper pressings of this LP, we guarantee you’d hear a lot more about this album! When the sound is this good, this album is MAGICAL.

AMG Review

There are some important changes on Beatles for Sale, most notably Lennon’s discovery of Bob Dylan and folk-rock. The opening three songs, along with “I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party,” are implicitly confessional and all quite bleak, which is a new development… Its best moments find them moving from Merseybeat to the sophisticated pop/rock they developed in mid-career.