Mike Auldridge – Dobro

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A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame

This is practically the only Bluegrass album we can honestly say we enjoy listening to. The sound is superb, with lots of picked instruments of every description, but what really sets this one apart is that the music is relaxed, not frenetic, drawing you in, not pushing you away. This is a great album, folks, one that belongs in your collection. If you’re a fan of Chet Atkins this is probably a Must Own, and we are big fans of Chet here at Better Records.

Looking for something a bit different? Here’s a wonderful Super Hot Stamper copy of Mike Auldridge’s highly enjoyable Dobro album, giving you wonderfully enjoyable Bluegrass music and sound. We pulled together a bunch of copies from various eras, and this one delighted us with an A++ side one and an almost White Hot A++ to A+++ side two.

We had a lot of fun hearing how good banjos, mandolins, dobros and fiddles can sound when recorded and mastered properly. Anyone who follows the site knows that rock & roll music is our bread and butter, but it’s great fun to hear other styles of music around here sometimes, especially when it sounds like this.

Side One

A++. Side one is super rich and sweet with tons of Tubey Magic and none of the hardness that plagues most copies. We rate it A++.

Side Two

A++ to A+++, even better! It’s incredibly big and open with wonderfully breathy vocals, deep punchy bass and a super extended top end. So good!

All Music Guide Review

The skill with which Auldridge put together vehicles for his tremendously appealing soloing style, smoothly handling transitions between members of a large and star-studded cast of supporting characters, not only resulted in a boost in interest in the dobro, but the entire civilization of soloists on various instruments benefited from such obvious evidence of potential appeal, while the Washington, D.C., bluegrass scene never quite recovered from the legendary status of these recording sessions and the magical things that went on as the tapes rolled.


Side One

Hillbilly Hula 
Tennessee Stud 
It’s Over 
Pickaway Flattbr
Rolling Fog

Side Two

Train 45 1/2
Take Me
Silver Threads Among the Gold 
Rock Bottom
House of the Rising Sun