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ROY WALLACE is one of our favorite recording engineers. Click on the link to find our in-stock Roy Wallace engineered or produced albums, along with plenty of our famous commentaries.

Roy Wallace was the engineer for many of our favorite sessions in Geneva’s glorious sounding Victoria Hall. 

The gorgeous hall the Suisse Romande recorded in was possibly the best recording venue of its day, possibly of all time; more amazing sounding recordings were made there than any other hall we know of. There is a richness to the sound that exceeds all others, yet clarity and transparency are not sacrificed in the least. It’s as wide, deep and three-dimensional as any, which is of course all to the good, but what makes the sound of these recordings so special is the weight and power of the brass and the timbral accuracy of the instruments in every section. 

These are the kinds of records that will make you want to take all your heavy vinyl classical pressings and put them in storage.

Quality record production is a lost art, and it’s been lost for a very long time.

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