In Through The Out Door – Another Classic Records Disaster

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Sonic Grade: D

A classic case of Live and Learn. After finishing our first shootout for this album in August of 2007, our faces were sure red. We used to think the Classic version was pretty decent, but the best originals SLAUGHTER it!

We had never done a shootout for this album before that. We didn’t feel up to the challenge, because the typical pressing tends to be miserable — gritty, grainy, hard sounding, congested mids, dull, and so on.

The best pressings of this album sound AMAZING, but they are few and far between. The test is an easy one — a copy that makes you want to turn up the volume is likely a winner. The Classic does not pass that test. 

We threw a copy of the Classic Records Heavy Vinyl repress on and just couldn’t deal with the edgy vocals and upper-midrange boost. As far as we’re concerned, their version is all but unlistenable.