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Many copies we played would work for the heavy songs and then fall short on the softer numbers. Others had gorgeous sound on the country-tinged numbers but couldn’t deliver any whomp for the rockers. Only a select group of copies could hold their own in all of the styles and engage us from start to finish; we’re pleased to present those exceptional pressings as the Hot Stamper copies of Harvest that so many of you have been begging for.

In-Depth Track Commentary

Side One

Out on the Weekend

We love the sound of the drums on Neil Young records — think of the punchy kick drum on After The Gold Rush and the punchy thwack of the snare on Zuma. On the best copies, this song should have the kind of BIG, BOLD Neil Young drum sound we’ve fallen in love with. The pedal steel guitar also sounds out of this world on our Hot Stampers.

A Man Needs a Maid

This song features the London Symphony Orchestra. The strings at the end of the track are a great test for texture.

Heart of Gold

We love this song, but it never has the kind of Demo Disc sound that you’ll find on some of the other tracks.

Are You Ready for the Country?

Side Two

Old Man

On the best copies, you’ll be able to appreciate the depth of the soundfield. The pedal steel guitar should come from the back of room, with Neil front and center.

There’s a World

Grungy guitar rock a la Southern Man from After The Gold Rush or much of Zuma. Neil’s guitar has to be meaty with lots of texture for this song to really rock.

The Needle and the Damage Done

This live track can sound amazing — warm, sweet, and intimate with lots of immediacy to Neil’s vocal.

Words (Between the Lines of Age)