David Bowie – Another Hit Song with Dubby Sound

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Both sides are really rich and sweet with especially Tubey Magical guitars. 1984 (a favorite of ours on David Live) sounds great here. In addition to singing, the man handles sax, Mellotron, and Moog duties on the album, and, most surprisingly, plays practically all of the electric guitar parts.

The title song of course sounds quite good. Rebel Rebel unfortunately does not — we get the feeling that the master tape for that song was used for the single and the album version was made from a dub. Still, it’s better here than it would be elsewhere.


Side One

Future Legend
Diamond Dogs
Sweet Thing
Sweet Thing (Reprise)

Side Two

Rebel Rebel
Rock & Roll With Me
We Are the Dead
Big Brother
Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family