Jimmy Buffett – Changes In Latitudes…

Our White Hot Shootout Winner for 2017


  • The second Jimmy Buffett Hot Stamper to hit the site — and you’ll be shocked at how good it sounds!
  • Side one earned our top grade of Triple Plus (A+++), side two was a very strong Double Plus (A++)
  • This copy is rich and smooth with an impressive bottom end — qualities that bring out the best in this music
  • An excellent recording — Allmusic (4 stars) says “one reason Changes… is his best record yet is simply the sound”

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Amazing sound for this Jimmy Buffett classic, featuring Margaritaville!

Look, we’re as surprised as anyone that this album has the potential to sound like this. We picked up a few copies for the heck of it (I believe that’s exactly in the Jimmy Buffett spirit) and were shocked at what we heard on the best of them. Most of them were a complete waste of time, but we learned enough to start the hunt and finally get this shootout rockin’.

It took some time, but we’re pretty happy to present a knockout copy of this album sure to please not only his Parrothead fan base but anyone who enjoys this breezy country rock and wonderful audiophile sound.

AMG Review

One reason why Jimmy Buffett’s sixth album, Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes, is his best record yet is simply the sound. Buffett’s move from Don Gant, who produced his last four albums, to Norbert Putnam is a serious upgrade. Putnam, a bassist by trade with a talent for string arranging, specializes in working in Nashville with artists who don’t quite belong in Nashville. His production of Eric Andersen’s Blue River resulted in a masterpiece, and he’s done quality work with the likes of Joan Baez, Neil Young, and Dan Fogelberg, creating a country-pop sound that achieves the crossover such artists crave. Putnam is a perfect fit for Buffett; he gives the music the polish Buffett’s always needed. But that only explains the reason why the album works so well sonically. The main reason it’s Buffett’s best is the songs, most of which he wrote. Buffett has always been a good songwriter when he had the time to apply himself, and he’s been developing a persona that reaches its culmination here.


Side One

Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes
Wonder Why We Ever Go Home
Banana Republics
Tampico Trauma
Lovely Cruise

Side Two

In The Shelter
Miss You So Badly