Astrud Gilberto / Walter Wanderley – A Certain Sadness…

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Astrud Gilberto / Walter Wanderley – A Certain Sadness…

A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

LOVELY SOUND AND EXCELLENT MUSIC on this unusually quiet, exceptionally good sounding Verve T-Label LP. We compiled enough of these to do a shootout and this was one of the better copies, earning A++ grades for both sides. It’s full of energy with big time immediacy and wonderfully breathy female vocals. The organ sounds gorgeous!

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This is a very enjoyable album but the typical copy may leave you a bit cold. The vocals tend to be drenched in reverb and it takes an exceptionally lively copy to help the vocals break free. This one has all the warmth, all the transparency and all the top end extension you need to let these sweet, simple songs work their magic.