Santana – Santana (III) – Our White Hot Shootout Winner for 2017

Our White Hot Shootout Winner for 2017


  • With a Triple Plus (A+++) side one and a seriously good Double Plus (A++) side two, this copy is rockin’ with punchy drums and big guitars
  • Amazing transparency – you hear into the huge, deep soundfield with almost nothing between you and the musicians
  • Surprising amounts of Tubey Magic — some of the best sound this very well recorded band achieved in the studio
  • 3 big hits that sound great here: No One To Depend On, Everybody’s Everything and Everything’s Coming Our Way
  • 4 1/2 stars: “This is essential Santana, a record that deserves to be reconsidered in light of its lasting abundance and vision.”

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Three big hits and all three sound amazing: No One To Depend On on side one and Everybody’s Everything and Everything’s Coming Our Way on side two.

The Best Sounding Santana Album?

Even more amazing and surprising was the amount of TUBEY MAGIC found on the best copies like this one. I may be going out on a limb, but to me this recording has more of that quality than any other Santana record ever made (although the first album would be a close second and could easily have more Tubey Magic on any given copy).

Tubey Magic in this case means you not only get all the richness, sweetness and three-dimensionality that the term implies, but also amazing TRANSPARENCY. There’s no smear to the sound, no veil to peer through — you just hear into that huge, deep soundfield of the studio with nothing between you and the musicians.

They’re all right there in the studio together; there’s no question this record is practically a live recording. It has the feel and energy of a recording where everyone is in the room at the same time, much like the first Santana record. That gives the sound AND the music a very special quality that’s hard to create any other way.

A True Demo Disc

This is a true Demo Disc in the world of rock records. It’s also one of those recordings that demands to be played LOUD. If you’ve got the the big room, big speakers, and plenty of power to drive them, you can have a LIVE ROCK AND ROLL CONCERT in your very own house. When Santana lets loose with some of those legendary monster power chords — which incidentally do get good and loud in the mix, unlike most rock records which suffer from compression and “safe” mixes — I like to say that there is no stereo system on the planet that can play loud enough for me. (Horns maybe, but I don’t like the sound of horns, so there you go.)

I know you’ve heard me say this before, but I need to make something clear about this music. It doesn’t even make sense at moderate listening levels. Normal listening levels suck all the life right out of it. You can tell by the way it was recorded; this music is designed to be played back at LOUD levels, and anything less does a disservice to the musicians, not to mention you, the listener, and the guy who spent a lot of money for what looks like just any old rock record.




Side One

No One To Depend On
Toussaint l’Overture

Side Two

Everybody’s Everything
Jungle Strut
Everything’s Coming Our Way
Para Los Rumberos