Dire Straits Making Movies

Our White Hot Shootout Winner for 2018


  • With two Triple Plus (A+++) shootout winning sides, this copy is As Good As It Gets!
  • Both sides here are rich, smooth and Tubey Magical, with breathy vocals and huge amounts of studio of space around the instruments
  • The sound is dramatically bigger, richer and livelier than what we’re used to hearing from this album, finally!
  • 4 1/2 stars Allmusic: “Making Movies is helped by a new wave-tinged pop production, which actually helps Knopfler’s jazzy inclinations take hold … ranks among the band’s finest work.”

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When you get an amazing sounding UK pressing such as this one (on the lovely Orange Vertigo label) the first thing you notice is that the music really comes together, especially if you’ve been playing a sub-generation domestic pressing, which is the only kind Warners made as far as we know. (The first album is the same way of course.)

Here you will find richer mids, sweeter highs, more energy and some real punch down low. A fun track like Romeo and Juliet finally comes to life the way you want it to, and the song Solid Rock is, well, just that.

The average copy of Making Movies tends to be dry, spitty, grainy, and somewhat dull, robbing the music of much of its charm. These guys obviously know their way around a studio — many of you must know just how good their first album can sound — so we’ve always been frustrated at what we heard on copy after copy that hits out table.

Fortunately, there are indeed wonderful sounding pressings out there, and here’s one that backs up that statement big time.


Side One

Carousel Waltz
Tunnel Of Love
Romeo And Juliet

Side Two

Expresso Love
Hand In Hand
Solid Rock
Les Boys