The Police – Zenyatta Mondatta

Our White Hot Shootout Winner for 2018


  • A MONSTER of a copy with Triple Plus (A+++) sound or very close to it on both sides
  • The overall sound is incredibly big and bold with a HUGE bottom end and tons of energy
  • Fairly quiet vinyl throughout — Mint Minus to Mint Minus MInus
  • 5 Stars: “Zenyatta contains perhaps the quintessential new wave anthem, the haunting “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”… Zenyatta Mondatta remains one of the finest rock albums of all time.”

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Finally, a killer copy of Zenyatta Mondatta worthy of the White Hot Stamper designation! It is brutally difficult to find great copies of this album, which explains why only a handful have gone up since 2006. And given our expanded resources and refined shootout process, not to mention the expertise we’ve gained in the thousands of hours of listening we’ve done since that time, I have to believe that this is one of the best sounding copies we’ve ever found. Police fans, this is the ONE.

This copy did everything we wanted and then some. It’s big, bold and lively with the kind of powerful bottom end that brings out the best in The Police. The vocals are present, the bass is well-defined, the guitar has harmonic texture and the drums are punchy and lively. I don’t think you could find a better sounding version of this album no matter how hard you tried.

As for the music, the album is an absolute classic — it leads off with Don’t Stand So Close To Me and never lets up.

A New Wave Classic

What the best sides of this album — even one from as late as 1980 — have to offer is not hard to hear:

  • The biggest, most immediate staging in the largest acoustic space
  • The most Tubey Magic, without which you have almost nothing. CDs give you clean and clear. Only the best vintage vinyl UK pressings offer the kind of Tubey Magic that was on the tapes in 1980
  • Tight, note-like, rich, full-bodied bass, with the correct amount of weight down low
  • Natural tonality in the midrange — with all the keyboards, guitars and drums having the correct sound for this kind of recording
  • Transparency and resolution, critical to hearing into the three-dimensional studio space

No doubt there’s more but we hope that should do for now

Playing the record is the only way to hear all of the above, and playing the best pressings against a pile of other copies under rigorously controlled conditions is the only way to find the good ones.

And if all you’ve ever heard are domestic copies or the Nautilus Half-Speed, you are in for a treat with this copy, which is guaranteed to positively lay waste to them both, or your money back.

Nigel Gray

Nigel Gray engineered this album as well as the first two by The Police. He was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album for Zenyatta Mondatta and also won two Grammies for producer of Best Rock Performance (“Don’t Stand So Close To Me”) and Best Rock Instrumental (“Behind My Camel”).

On 31 July 2016, the members of The Police; Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland reacted on a social network to Gray’s death writing: “Nigel Gray recorded the first three Police albums, the first two in his converted studio above a dairy in Leatherhead in Surrey. Nigel was a qualified medical doctor who followed his passion into music and was able to use his kindly bedside manner to coax three extraordinarily successful records from a band operating at the time on the tiniest of shoestring budgets. We simply couldn’t have done it without him, that’s the truth”.


Side One

Don’t Stand So Close to Me
Driven to Tears
When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What’s Still Around
Canary in a Coalmine
Voices Inside My Head
Bombs Away

Side Two

De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
Behind My Camel
Man in a Suitcase
Shadows in the Rain
The Other Way of Stopping