Gilberto & Jobim – Gilberto & Jobim

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Gilberto & Jobim – Gilberto & Jobim

A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame .

This Super Hot Stamper side two was one of the best sounding sides we heard in our recent shootout. The original Rainbow Label Capitols can be very good (if you can find a clean one) but oftentimes the mastering has the crude quality we all know so well from our old Beatles and Beach Boys records from the mid-’60s.

Side two is so clear, transparent and distortion-free that there’s no doubt in our minds that the bad sound of most pressings is not the fault of the master tape, but rather the very same bad mastering chain that ruined so many Capitol albums in those days.

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Side Two

A++ , clear and clean, and so natural sounding. If it were a bit richer it would have been competitive with the best we’ve ever heard.

AMG Rave Review

A year before Stan Getz first met up with Charlie Byrd to launch bossa nova in the United States, Joao Gilberto (with backing by an orchestra led by Antonio Carlos Jobim) recorded a dozen bossa nova performances, including “One Note Samba,” “Meditation,” “Corcovado” and even “I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover.” But since this record was not heard domestically until after bossa nova caught on, it had less of an impact than one would expect. The emphasis is on Gilberto’s voice (and his guitar during the instrumental “Um Abraco No Bonfa”) during the very brief renditions, all of which are under two minutes.