U2 – War

Our White Hot Shootout Winner for 2018


  • A stunning sounding copy with Triple Plus (A+++) sound from the first note to the last
  • Both sides here are incredible: big, full, punchy, energetic, spacious and even a pretty sizable helping of Tubey Magic (for 1983)
  • Full-bodied smooth analog sound is the key to the best pressings, and here both sides have it
  • Allmusic 5 Stars: “U2 always aimed at greatness, but War was the first time they achieved it.”

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When you get hold of a good pressing War can be a surprisingly good sounding album, much better than The Joshua Tree (although that may not be saying much).

This was one of the best copies we played in our entire shootout, with Big Bass, tons of Energy and even a pretty sizable helping of Tubey Magic, something we did not expect to hear on a U2 album. Most of them sound as dry and flat as a cassette. Not this one, or to be more precise, not this copy.

The vocals were present and breathy, even silky on some songs, with clarity and resolution throughout the midrange, not the congested, dark sound we hear on so many records from this band. (The ones that don’t sound thin and aggressive that is.)

Our advice: Drop the needle on Sunday Bloody Sunday, turn it up good and loud and get ready to rock. Check out the drums at the opening — they are right there. The drums on Joshua Tree sound like cardboard boxes covered in blankets. Not these.

You can thank producer Steve Lillywhite for the hard-driving sound on War. He keeps the sound simple, clean and punchy.


Side One

Sunday Bloody Sunday
New Year’s Day
Like a Song …
Drowning Man

Side Two

The Refugee
Two Hearts Beat as One
Red Light