Harry Belafonte – Belafonte… Live!

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Harry Belafonte – Belafonte… Live!

A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

White Hot Stampers on sides one and three! This copy also has an A++ side two and an A+ side four, so there’s a ton of good sound on this fun concert LP. This album features Harry performing on all four sides, but also includes music from some of the guests he brought along to perform with him at the early ’70s shows in Toronto from which these performances are taken. The first three sides are all KILLER — you get real-life immediacy, excellent clarity, breathtaking transparency and boatloads of tubey magic!

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Be sure to click the AMG Review tab above, they give it four out of five stars and do a better job of describing the music than I am capable of.

This double album isn’t quite as essential as the great Carnegie Hall album, but Hot Stampers of that one are very tough to come by. These kind of grades on Belafonte at Carnegie Hall would run you a heckuva lot more dough than this, that’s for sure.

Only side four rated below A++, and at A+ it was certainly no slouch. It just didn’t have the kind of You Are There presence that you get on the three sides that precede it.