Ben Webster – The Warm Moods

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Ben Webster – The Warm Moods

A distinguished member of the Better Records Jazz Hall of Fame.

Amazing sound and wonderful music on this lovely Ben Webster and Strings album recorded in 1961! I don’t think you could find a better sounding album of this kind of music. This is calm, relaxed jazz performed expertly by Webster backed by a small orchestra capably conducted by Johnny Richards.

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The sound is TOP NOTCH. We’ve managed to acquire a number of these specific pressings over the years and this copy just could not be beat. It won our shootout hands down with its amazing transparency and remarkable separation between instruments. In addition, most copies we played weren’t nearly this rich or full-bodied.

Drop the needle on any of these great ballads and appreciate how relaxed, natural, balanced and warm the sound is. This is going to be a record you come back to over and over I imagine. It’s hard for me to picture this record ever getting old with such wonderful combination of material, performance, and sonics.

It’s not easy to find good sounding Ben Webster records in clean condition, so this is the perfect choice to add to your Hot Stamper jazz collection.

Please note – the labels on this pressing are reversed. The side one label appears on side two and vice versa.