Bill Evans – Quintessence

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Bill Evans – Quintessence

A distinguished member of the Better Records Jazz Hall of Fame.

STUNNING SOUND THROUGHOUT — this is one of the best sounding Bill Evans records we’ve ever heard! Side one here earned our top A+++ grade while side two earned a very strong A++. Both sides are super rich and full-bodied with lots of energy and considerable dynamic power. There aren’t too many ’70s jazz records that sound like this!

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The music is wonderful as well, and Evans is joined by an all-star lineup of Harold Land, Kenny Burrell, Ray Brown and the great Philly Joe Jones.

We were stunned at how good this album can sound on the right pressing (one like this, natch). It has that natural, realistic feel that you get on the best Contemporary recordings. I don’t know what you could do to make this music sound any better than it does here. The sax is breathy and full, the piano is big and solid, the acoustic bass is well-defined with real weight and the guitar tone is tubey and warm. Hard to imagine that there are too many audiophiles with a substantial number of jazz records in their collection that sound as good as this (our own Hot Stampers excluded of course)!