Michel Legrand – Legrand Jazz

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Michel Legrand – Legrand Jazz

A distinguished member of the Better Records Jazz Hall of Fame.

A 4 1/2 Star Album In The All Music Guide!

This original Six Eye Mono Hot Stamper is THE NEW ALL-TIME CHAMPION LEGRAND JAZZ! It has a LIFE and IMMEDIACY that is not usually found on any pressing of this album — mono or stereo. It’s the kind of difference that can be heard from another room.

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The sound is smooth, sweet, and SILKY. The flute sounds exceptionally good — it’s rich and surrounded by lots of ambience. There’s a wonderful breathy quality to the horns and just enough deep bass. No other copy we’ve ever played has sounded nearly as full-bodied as this one. We don’t know if we’ll ever hear a better copy.

One of my favorite jazz albums and also an excellent TEST DISC for stereo set up and tweaking.

As this is one of my all-time favorite jazz records (see the commentary below), I can’t recommend this record any more highly.

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