George Benson – White Rabbit

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George Benson – White Rabbit

We recently conducted another extensive shootout for White Rabbit and it was a BLAST. It always is. Benson and his funky jazz all-stars buds (Ron Carter, Herbie Hancock and Airto to name a few) tear through some great material here, and on both sides of this copy the sound as KILLER.

If you want to hear the best George Benson record we know of, this is the one. The Grammy-winning Breezin’ from 1976 is a perfectly good album but it’s quite a bit more commercial than the earlier White Rabbit here from 1972, his first album to make the top ten on the jazz charts.

Side One

Big, lively, clear, with great extension high and low, this copy presents a HUGE space for George and his bandmates to swing in.

Side Two

Even better — the best side two we heard all day. Rich, sweet, lively and dynamic with great presence and lots of space around all of the instruments, this is the sound you want for this music.

Digging Creed Taylor Inc.

We’ve been really digging this CTI jazz stuff for years. On the better albums such as this one, the players tend to sound carefree and loose — you can tell they’re having a heck of a time with the material. Don’t get me wrong — we still love the Blue Note and Contemporary label stuff for our more “hard core” jazz needs, but it’s a kick to hear top jazz musicians laying down these grooves and not taking themselves so seriously… especially when it sounds this good!

Give some credit to Don Sebesky. His arrangements are brilliant. He also did the arrangements for another one of our favorite jazz guitar albums, Wes Montgomery’s California Dreaming. We love what Sebesky is doing on both albums, and both can have amazing sound on the best pressings.