Top 100 – Why Not This Amazing Phil Manzanera Record?

Like its brother 801 Live, this album is an amazing SONIC BLOCKBUSTER, with sound that positively leaps out of the speakers. Why shouldn’t it? It was engineered by the superbly talented Rhett Davies at Island, the genius behind Taking Tiger Mountain, the aforementioned 801 Live, Avalon, Dire Straits’ first album and many, many more.

If we could regularly find copies of this Audiophile Extravagaza (and frankly if more people appreciated the album) it would definitely go on our Top 100 Rock and Pop List. In fact it would easily make the Top Twenty from that list,  that’s how  good it is on the killer pressings.

Our Top 100 is composed of the one hundred best sounding albums with the best music that we can actually find to put on the site. that audiophiles are likely to be interested in. Records like Diamond Head just don’t have enough fans to make the cut, even though the sound will beat 80-90% of what is currently  in our Top 100.