An Amazing Copy of Mercury SR 90006


  • This original pressing earned a Triple Plus (A+++) rating for side one where The Love of Three Oranges Suite can be found
  • Huge hall space, wonderfully textured strings – it’s easy to forget just how REAL a recording like this from 1957 can sound
  • With almost none of the Mercury nasality on the strings or the brass, we were knocked out by the sound and, of course, the legendary performance
  • And the vinyl is exceptionally quiet for an FR1/FR1 pressing, probably the quietest we have ever played

See more of the music of Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953)

My notes for side one read:

Big hall! Transparent! Zero smear! Dynamic! Huge Bass! Realistic!

It that sounds like the kind of record you would like to play for yourself, here it is!

The Scythian Suite was also very good but it seems to get a bit congested (tape overload? compressor overload?) on the loudest parts. It does sound amazing in the quieter passages. It’s not distorted, just brash. It’s very dynamic, like side one.

This was obviously a record the previous owner did not care for. We acquired a copy of LSC 2449 in the same batch, but unfortunately that was a record the owner must have loved — it’s just plain worn out. (We kept it as a reference copy for a future shootout which, considering how rare the record is, may never come to pass.)

In the heyday of the ’90s when these records were all the rage this copy would have sold for at least $1000 and probably more. And the copy that sold for that would have been very unlikely to sound as good as this one, if only for the fact that cleaning technologies have advanced so much over the last ten years or so.