And People Complain About Our Prices?


A mono copy of Deja Vu (which no doubt sounds terrible; I had one once) went for $1200 on ebay recently!

Oh, but it’s an auction so I guess that makes it all right. The seller didn’t set the price, the market did.

But the market sets our prices too. We can’t sell a record for more than what the customer is willing to pay for it. What exactly is the difference?

Man, I sure would love to get $4k+ for one of our killer Hot Stamper pressings of Please Please Me. I guarantee our copy sounds a whole lot better. And the music is the same, right? So what did you get for your additional three thousand dollars?

A nice record to put on the shelf.

Which you could get from us for three thousand dollars less!

The Beatles first album, sounding better than you ever imagined it could, which you may, at any time and as often as you like, enjoy for the rest of your life, safe in the knowledge that no other version of it, on any other media, including media not yet invented, will ever equal its stunning fidelity.